Friday, 15 July 2011

Crazy Game Review: Deadly Premonition is a 10/10 game

Introduction and Impressions: Well I can honestly say that "Deadly Premonition" has become one of my favourite games of all time, period! It doesn't need good gameplay, or great graphics to make it a good game. The Game Cost me about £13 and is on the Xbox 360. It gives an excellent story, great dialogue and cut-scenes to make it my number one game. The game itself borrows and references things from the drama show "Twin Peaks",  Ive never seen this show but playing this game it has made me curious and want to watch it.

The Story: The game gives the player control of an FBI agent named Francis York Morgan who is investigating the murder of a young woman, Anna Graham, near the fictional American town of Greenvale. Upon arriving in the town York is greeted by town sheriff George Woodman and his deputy Emily Wyatt, who briefs him on the murder and lead him to the crime scene. York generates considerable friction with his dismissive attitude toward the locals, bizarre demeanor, and tendency to interrupt conversations to deliver asides to "Zach", an alternate personality congruent with the player. Over the course of his investigation, York has opportunities to touch the lives of many of the town's colorful personalities and intervene in their personal crises, often brought on by the sudden and brutal murder in their midst, to earn rewards and further his understanding of the case. As he unearths more and more mysteries and the killer continues to roam, the town's dark past, as well as York's own past, slowly come to light. - Wikipedia

Overall: Deadly Premonition is a fun and enjoyably hilarious game that has a great story, dialogue and music. I would recommend this game to anyone just to try, I tend to think of it in two was in that it's like Marmite-"you either love it, or hate it." or that it's like one of those B-movie styled films in the way that you know it's silly and over the top but its fun and an enjoyable experience. 10/10

^^Funny Gif of a glitch in the game ^^

^^Examples of the great cutscenes in the game^^

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